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Philip Williams


Philip Williams heads the Legal and Competition practice of Frontier Economics.

He specialises in the application of economics to legal disputes in such areas as trade practices, access disputes, valuing damages, intellectual property and contractual disputes. He regularly acts as an expert witness before Australian courts and tribunals and has done so in many significant cases in Australia. He is particularly valued as an expert because of his ability to apply economic analysis to a wide range of industries – from artificial insemination of thoroughbreds to the use of music in gyms.

Philip has advised the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the National Competition Council and the New Zealand Commerce Commission – as well as all the leading law firms in Australia and New Zealand. Prior to joining Frontier, he taught full-time at the University of Melbourne from 1978 to February 2002, when he resigned as Professor of Law and Economics in the Melbourne Business School at the University.

When Philip is not working, he can usually be found in an art gallery, viewing the latest examples of some favourite artist’s oeuvre.