Our Strategy work

Helping clients develop and deliver robust strategies for managing the regulatory and commercial environments in which they operate is a key element of our work.

Regulatory strategy:

Frontier Economics’ extensive experience in advising regulators and businesses in regulated environments and in helping those before economic regulators and inquiries ensures we are uniquely qualified to design robust regulatory strategies. Being able to pre-empt and influence regulatory developments, and having in place a pro-active regulatory strategy is a critical source of competitive advantage.

We help clients with their regulatory strategy development, and risk and scenario assessments. We also support clients with their engagement with regulatory authorities and with investigations by authorities.

Corporate strategy:

Developing strategic responses to shifts in technology, regulation and consumer behaviour is vital when making sure that a company develops and meets its goals, whether for the whole company or a business unit. We help chief executives and their boards tackle issues by applying the economics of strategy and competition rigorously and impartially.

We favour rigorous economic analysis over rules of thumb and fads. That means we start with understanding the business and the markets in which it operates. We look at the competitive dynamics within markets and the economic value of scarce assets and capabilities. We consider information and risks, and the implications of these forces for bargaining power and contract design.

Our work includes:

  • understanding and exploiting competitive advantage
  • economic modelling and assessment of specific markets
  • scenario development and modelling, including optimisation analysis
  • anticipating competitor strategies and responses
  • assessment and modelling of costs
  • profitability analyses
  • product development, pricing and positioning
  • contract design, analysis and negotiation.

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