Our Public Policy work

Our economists work closely with governments, public and voluntary sector bodies and businesses to design and deliver better policies, achieving better outcomes for the community.

Public policy is the backbone of our work across various sectors. The work we do includes:

  • policy and programme design, assessment, review and evaluation
  • market design and reform
  • modelling and analysis of market performance and operation

Market design and reform is in our DNA and we have significant expertise in this work in the energy, water and climate change sectors. In particular, our energy market design work has its roots in the initial development of the NEM, and we have been providing advice on its evolution ever since.

See what else we do in public policy in Natural Resources, Climate Change, Transport, Water, Waste and Urban Growth and Development [LINKS].

Frontier Economics recently did some significant analysis in the New Zealand dairy sector

Our work had three main components. First, we evaluated the performance of the dairy sector in in terms of economic, environmental, consumer and social outcomes. We then identified factors that had driven the historical performance of the sector.

Lastly, we reviewed the regulatory regime to see whether the original regulations still performed their role, identifying any market failures and what should be changed to ensure they were remained fit for purpose. Evaluations like these are important in ensuring regulations are still doing the job they are supposed to.

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