Good public policy ensures governments effectively manage society’s resources while balancing conflicting objectives. This is no simple task, and our guidance of policy development uses economics to cut through what are often difficult issues.


Our public policy work

Economics provides policy makers with the tools to handle these tasks, by illustrating the nature of incentives emanating from policy design, and by measuring overall benefits to society of policy alternatives.

Our public policy team works closely with governments, public and voluntary sector bodies and businesses to create better policies.

Our public policy work has included:

  • developing a framework for the regulation of the Australian water sector
  • evaluations of numerous government programs, ranging from investments in research and development, to ex post analysis of government efforts to mitigate against damage from locust outbreaks
  • advising on the key aspects of how the NBN should be governed, implemented, and contractual arrangements established
  • developing proposals for the reform of heavy vehicle charging and of the taxi industry

See what Frontier does in public policy in Environment, Climate Change, Transport and Water.

Download our publications

Nominal GDP Targeting

Inflation Targeting Has Passed Its Use-By Date.
Adobe Acrobat PDF (373kb)

Sudden Impact – Revised Version

Scrutinising The Wholesale Price Impact Of Assisted Closure Of Brown Coal Power Stations.
Adobe Acrobat PDF (549kb)

Out Of Puff

Wholesale Price Impact Of Wind In South Australia.
Adobe Acrobat PDF (373kb)

A Matter Of Definition

Commentary Of Aspects Of The Appellate Body’s Ruling On The Canada- Renewable Energy Case In The WTO.
Adobe Acrobat PDF (221kb)

Taken For A Ride?

Reviewing The Reserve Bank’s Surcharging Reforms.
Adobe Acrobat PDF (291kb)

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