Liberalisation & Structural Reform

Introducing competition into a market that was formally dominated by a monopoly provider is an area where regulatory economics plays an important role.

We have been actively involved in assessing whether there is the potential for competition within a market; advising on the best way to introduce competition, particularly when it is necessary to safeguard a Universal Service Obligations (USO) that the incumbent may be expected to maintain; and evaluating whether and when competition is sufficient to allow the deregulation of prices within that market.

In Australia, the Frontier Economics team has developed and implemented comprehensive pro-competitive electricity reform programs on behalf of the Queensland, New South Wales and West Australian Governments. In the reform process in Queensland and New South Wales, Frontier Economics staff were in the unique position of designing the reform proposals and then subsequently working alongside government to implement these.

Our team has been at the forefront of the design and implementation of the telecommunications regulatory framework in Australia, including through our advice on the national broadband network and its implications. Frontier Economics has worked on the reform of various parts of the transport sector, including taxis and other passenger vehicles and heavy vehicles. We’ve also worked with transport regulatory bodies to consider changes arising from new categories such as electric vehicles.

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