Frontier presents at the 2014 Competition and Consumer workshop

Frontier (Australia) chairman Philip Williams presented at the Law Council of Australia 2014 Competition and Consumer Workshop, held on the 13th and 14th of September in Brisbane, Australia. Philip presented on the topic of barriers to entry. Although the idea of a barrier to entry is quite simple, identifying barriers to entry to a particular real-world market may require some subtle analysis. Philip suggested that there are four key points that can assist in this process. These are:

  • a barrier to entry is a barrier to the market, not to a particular person
  • there is a time element to analysing a barrier that may require some subtlety
  • licences that are tradable are not barriers
  • there is an efficiency element to barriers

More detail of his arguments can be found in the full presentation.

Frontier (Australia) regularly advises companies and regulators on a range of competition issues.

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