Frontier submission to Senate Select Committee on carbon tax pricing mechanisms

The Australian Senate Select Committee on Scrutiny of New Taxes has been inquiring into a range of carbon tax pricing mechanisms.

Frontier (Australia) appeared in front of the committee on 1 September 2011 and put forward its analysis of the carbon price package released by the Australian Government in the publication Strong Growth, Low Pollution (July 2011).  Frontier’s submission comments on recent developments, including:

  • the Carbon Price Package released by the Commonwealth Government on 10 July 2011;
  • Commonwealth Treasury modeling of the carbon price;
  • Frontier’s modeling of the carbon price for the NSW Government (August 2011); and
  • other issues raised by the media and by the Commonwealth.

For more information, please contact Marita O’Keeffe at or call +61 (0)3 9620 4488.


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