Climate change has dominated policy debates in recent times, particularly in relation to energy markets. Understanding and responding intelligently to its complex challenges is a primary concern for Governments, regulators, market participants and investors.


Climate Change Policy – Design, Implementation and Assessment

Getting the right policy and frameworks in place is important. Working out the best approach and being able to properly assess it is essential.

Our work in this area includes emissions trading scheme design, renewable energy targets, feed-in tariffs, and energy efficiency schemes. Our Public Policy team also advise on the economics of mitigation and adaptation in response to climate change, as these policies, such as bans on new buildings in coastal area, can also have very significant impacts on the economy.

Frontier regularly advises on the impact of energy efficiency policies on energy demand forecasts.

Where have we worked?

  • We helped develop, model and implement the NSW Greenhouse Gas Abatement Scheme in 2001-2 – the world’s first mandatory broad based emissions trading scheme.
  • We have been at the forefront of the Australian emissions trading policy debate in recent years. We provided policy advice and modelling for the Federal Coalition and Senator Xenophon on alternatives to the proposed CPRS.
  • We recently advised the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism (DRET) as part of its assessment of the “Contracts For Closure”, which sought to negotiate the closure of around 2,000MW of highly emissions-intensive coal-fired electricity generation capacity by 2020.
  • Frontier advised the Victorian Department of Primary Industries on the implications of the CarbonNet carbon capture & storage project on participant incentives and price outcomes for the Australian National Electricity Market.

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