Decisions to generate and sell electricity, and to invest in new generation capacity, are driven by the design of the competitive market. The better the market design, the more efficient those decisions are.


Electricity Market Design and Regulation

Frontier helps its clients resolve market design and regulatory issues across all aspects of the electricity supply industry. This has included providing federal and state governments and policy-making institutions across Australia, New Zealand and Asia with comprehensive market design and regulatory advice, and supporting regulated businesses through the regulatory process.

We regularly advise clients on:

Wholesale market design and structure – such as advising the Australian Energy Market Commission on congestion management in the NEM and regional boundary change issues.

Wholesale risk management arrangements – including advising regulators on vesting contracts and government owners of electricity assets on alternative tools for managing wholesale price volatility.

Retail regulation and smart metering – advice to governments and regulators on customer protections, switching and transfer arrangements, and smart metering costs and benefits.

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