Market design

Decisions to produce and sell electricity and gas, and to invest in energy assets, are driven by the design of wholesale markets. The better the market design, the more efficient those decisions are and the better off are consumers.

Frontier Economics helps clients resolve market design issues across all stages of the electricity and gas supply chain. This has included providing federal and state governments and policy-making institutions across Australia, New Zealand and Asia with comprehensive market design advice. Our ability stems from our team’s intimate knowledge of electricity market design issues, practical experience with energy markets and our modelling capability.

Our market design expertise includes:

  • Electricity market design, such as advising the Australian Energy Market Commission on congestion management and regional boundary changes in the NEM.
  • Gas market design, such as advising Singapore’s Energy Market Authority on the design of the Singapore Gas Trading Market.
  • Retail market design, including advice to governments and regulators on customer protections, switching and transfer arrangements, and smart metering.
  • Working with the Queensland Government to improve wholesale competition and to focus their efforts to reduce emissions from the electricity sector through the creation specialist low emission generator, CleanCo.

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