Competitive gas markets are dynamic with new reserve, pipelines and loads being added to the system every year. The uncertainties of this constant change are magnified by evolving energy policies and developments in international markets for fuel. Market rules are in an almost constant state of change – and they rarely result in a simpler market.


Gas market design and regulation

Frontier has assisted governments, regulators and private sector clients on a range of market design, regulatory and commercial issues related to Australia’s gas markets. Our model whirlygas assists in understanding outcomes in these gas markets, and in making decisions about investment in and operation of infrastructure. Used in conjunction with our electricity market models, we are able to analyse the close relationships between outcomes in electricity and gas markets.

Commercial strategies

We advise parties on gas market transactions and investments.

Long-term gas contracts

We advise on the interpretation and application of long-term fuel supply contracts, and the commercial implications of different contracting options.

Wholesale market design and structure

Our work includes advising the NSW Government on the introduction of its Gas Continuity Scheme and on the likely effectiveness of the design of the Short Term Trading Market for gas.

Network regulation

We assess the compliance of actual and forecast capital expenditure with the applicable economic criteria and assisting prospective investors with ‘no coverage’ applications.

Retail regulation

We advise governments and regulators to support their decision making in gas retail tariff reviews.

Litigation support

We act as expert witnesses in disputes surrounding the interpretation and application of market rules, regulations and codes.

It’s not just companies that trust us to get it right with important decisions, we help governments when they want to reform entire markets and sectors and provide advice to regulators about market conditions.

Our clients in this area include major energy companies in Australia and Asia, several state governments and the Australian competition regulator, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

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