Distributed energy and new network solutions

New technologies have provided new opportunities to meet the challenge of reliably supplying energy to customers, at low cost and while addressing concerns about carbon emissions.

Australia’s boom in rooftop solar PV has provided opportunities for customers, but posed challenges for regulators, networks and government. Frontier Economics has worked with all these groups to address their particular challenges. We have advised regulators on pricing of exported electricity. We have helped network businesses assess the effects of solar PV on demand, and how network pricing should respond to this new opportunity. And we have designed policy to respond to the growth in solar PV for governments.

As batteries also become more affordable, the ability of embedded networks and microgrids to efficiently supply customers has increased. In some cases this has led to a push for the electrification of all space heating, water heating and cooking load.

We have worked with investors, embedded network operators and local governments to identify opportunities for embedded networks and microgrids.  For network businesses, our work has included identifying prospects offered by smart meters, batteries and other smart grid technologies.

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