Our work is grounded in the economics of how consumers and competitors behave. For every commercial action there are customer and competitor reactions – sometimes desirable and sometimes not.


Our Retail And Consumer Work

Looking at how customers respond to price changes, understanding market power and how businesses react to competitive changes in their market are essential parts of our work.

Our toolkit for work in the retail and consumer sector includes competition theory, market analysis, financial modelling and practical research experience.

We’ve looked at pricing, competitive advantage and market power issues for many retailers, along with product differentiation and placement. Our particular edge is our ability to handle and analyse extremely large data sets, like point of sale data collected by retailers such as supermarkets and petrol stations. Our consumer work has covered products from beverages to hardware to pharmaceuticals.

Our Energy team works in the electricity retail market on issues such as the implementation of retail competition, reviews on the functioning of the market, and market reforms. Our sister company Frontier (Europe) uses insights from behavioural economics to help clients in many sectors – such as retail, banking, energy and telecommunications –understand how customers make decisions and respond to product offerings.

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