Competition & third party access

Frontier Economics advises on all aspects of competition and access within the water sector.

There is growing support within Australia (and elsewhere) for efforts to increase competition in the provision of urban water and wastewater services through access and private sector provision, and there is increasingly effective action to allow this to occur including development of access regimes.

Frontier Economics staff have actively participated in the development of the policy and regulatory frameworks for competition as well as in preparing individual companies for the new challenge of market competition.

We are experts in the economics of network access, competition law and competitive strategy. We are able to combine extensive water industry experience with an enviable track record of providing advice and assisting clients in matters concerning infrastructure access, pricing and cost allocation across a wide range of other infrastructure-based industries including electricity, gas, telecommunications and transport.

Our work includes strategic advice to companies on the implications of structural reform. We have been active in policy debates, working with companies, trade associations and regulators.

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