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Alexandra Humphrey CifuentesEconomist

    Alexandra primarily works in Frontier Economics’ energy, water and policy areas and specialises in data analysis and economic modelling.

    Since joining Frontier, Alexandra has assisted clients with a range of policy, regulatory, commercial and competition issues, including providing advice on potential changes to the National Electricity Rules and regulatory decisions covering gas, electricity and water prices.

    Prior to joining Frontier, Alexandra completed her Honours Degree in Economics at the Australian National University in 2015, which involved utilising econometric techniques to investigate factors influencing maternal health. During her Bachelor of Economics/Bachelor of Finance at the Australian National University in 2014, she co-authored a paper which utilised econometric techniques to investigate the drivers of public support for foreign aid provision within Australian electorates (a previously under-researched area) and presented her findings to key bodies at a public lecture run by the Development Policy Centre.

    When not working, Alexandra keeps Sydney’s cafes and restaurants on their toes through her Instagram of the food scene there.


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