Bob BartelsEconomist

    Bob Bartels has over 30 years experience in applying econometric and statistical methods across a diverse range of applications in business and government, with a strong focus on energy demand modelling, legal and competition support, and electricity load research.

    Bob joined Frontier Economics in 2006, having worked as an Academic Associate with Frontier Economics and London Economics since 1990. He was appointed Emeritus Professor in Business Analytics at the University of Sydney in 2006, having previously held various full-time academic positions at that university, including Professor in Econometrics and Business Statistics and Head of the School of Business. He is an elected member of the International Statistical Institute and has held visiting research positions at the universities of Bonn, Munich, Tilburg, the London School of Economics and the Institute for Energy Economics in Cologne.

    He lives in Sydney, does the daily crosswords and Sudoku, takes an interest in international affairs, follows football (soccer), and travels regularly to Cambridge (UK) and Canberra to keep in touch with his children and grandchildren.

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