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Deirdre RoseEconomist

    Deirdre is an economist and founding member of Frontier Economics. Deirdre has 20 years of experience working on the reform and regulation of the electricity, gas, water, and natural resources sectors in Australia and the United Kingdom.

    As well as being an independent advisor, Deirdre has held senior positions in the energy industry and within government. Most recently, Deirdre was a key leader of the 2022-26 Electricity Distribution Price Review at AusNet Services, working with a large team to develop the revenue case. Deirdre also helped to run the Australian-first trial to negotiate the revenue case with a Customer Forum.

    Deirdre has served as the Chief Economist of Victorian Department of Primary Industries (which covered the agriculture, fisheries, forestry, energy and earth resources portfolios) and was retained by the Victorian Government as an expert advisor on water reform policies and regulation.

    Deirdre provides a range of practical support to clients including preparation of strong regulatory and pricing proposals, customer consultation and willingness to pay studies, cost benefit analysis and business case development, due diligence and market advice

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