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Teck Hao TanEconomist

    Teck Hao is an experienced analyst, specialising in the energy industry, regulatory design, and market analysis. Since joining Frontier Economics in 2018, he has been advising our electricity sector clients in Singapore and Australia on a range of projects across regulation, pricing and risk elements.

    Previously, Teck Hao was a Principal Analyst in Singapore’s Energy Market Authority, where he worked on various national-level projects in Singapore’s electricity and gas markets. This includes the introduction of LNG trading, market information disclosure framework for electricity futures market, and full retail competition. Teck Hao works with Frontier’s proprietary energy models and advises clients on various aspects of their operations in the Singapore energy market.

    Teck Hao is based in our Singapore office, and is always on a look out for challengers in a game of darts.

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