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The New Zealand Competition Commission (NZCC) today published a study undertaken by Frontier Economics. Our study is entitled Economic analysis of the New Zealand Retail Grocery Sector. The study was commissioned by the NZCC as an input into its market study of the New Zealand Retail Grocery Sector.

The econometric analysis consisted of two parts. The first was a cross-sectional study examining the extent to which differences in concentration in local grocery markets is associated with differences in prices charged by the supermarkets. The second was a time-series study examining the extent to which entry, exit and rebranding in local grocery markets is associated with changes in prices charged by the incumbent supermarkets.

The NZCC is seeking submissions on its draft report Market study into the retail grocery sector

Frontier Economics undertakes econometric analysis across a range of markets for our clients.

Frontier Economics is pleased to announce that Alexus van der Weyden has been appointed a director of Frontier Economics Pty Ltd.

Alexus joined Frontier Economics in 2015. He is responsible to the board for Urban Economics and Water and has been instrumental in growing this practice area into a dynamic and innovative team with a strong roster of clients. Our work in urban economics and water applies economics to policy, regulation and investment planning projects across our urban environment, including place-based decisions covering water, liveability, open spaces and sustainable communities.

“Alexus is a strong economist. The growth and spread of our work in urban economics is testament to how much clients enjoy working with him and the results for them that he and the team have achieved together. ” said Danny Price, managing director of Frontier Economics. “I’m delighted that he’s come onto the board and look forward to working with him in this new chapter of his career”.

Alexus joins fellow directors Stephen Gray (chairman) and Andrew Harpham on the board, alongside Danny. “I’m excited about the challenge and being part of Frontier Economics’ future” said Alexus.

The Commerce Commission of New Zealand commissioned us to undertake some econometric analysis to examine how the structure of local grocery markets affects prices and margins in New Zealand.