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Telcos & Digital Media

In today’s digital-first era of connectivity, the telecommunications and media sectors are key priorities for societies to thrive. Investing in the right things at the right time and delivering services at prices that maximise value to society are significant challenges that require strong economic foundations for decision-making.

The economics underpinning telecommunications and media

The evolution of the telecommunication and digital media sector has required active collaboration from policymakers, regulators and the private sector to shape vibrant and sustainable digital nations.   

Questions such as the impact of mergers on pricing and competition in mobile markets, the case for regulation of digital platforms, and the economic benefits from network upgrades, are still regularly debated. 

We’ve been an independent partner, shaping the industry over the last 20 years. Using robust economic analysis tools and frameworks to develop and refine policy, inform regulation, and support operators in anticipating and adapting to market shifts.

Our industry-leading economists provide an unbiased, systematic, and rigorous approach to decision-making, making the complex issues easier to navigate, and offering: 

Regulatory analysis and advice

We advise the public sector on the design, and the private sector on the application, of economic regulatory frameworks. This includes analysing the economic case for access regulation of bottleneck inputs, the setting of efficient prices using cost models and benchmarking and designing price controls to promote economic efficiency.  

Competition advisory

Providing advice to telecommunications and media businesses, which are characterised by economies of scale and network effects, creating challenges for balancing competitive rivalry with an efficient market structure that might involve three or fewer firms. 

Commercial strategies

Our work globally in telecommunications and digital platforms affords us a unique vantage point, enabling us to discern local and regional trends that influence our clients' strategic decisions. 

Spectrum advisory

We collaborate with auction designers and spectrum acquirers on the design of auctions to formulating bidding strategies, and benchmarking spectrum prices and licence fees.  

Our expertise in Telcos & Digital Media

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