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The energy transition is happening. As nations drive toward net zero emission targets and resilient renewable energy networks, economic analysis plays a pivotal role. Economics enables complex, data-driven decisions for governments, regulators, private sector businesses, investors, and market participants; to co-optimise gas, electricity and hydrogen markets. And we’re here to help.

We’ve been independent economic advisors to the energy sector for 20+ years, leading critical debates and supporting the development of key government energy policies and private sector strategies.  

Economics for a co-optimised energy solution

Today, electricity, gas and hydrogen markets are deeply interconnected and complex, and our primary role has been to connect the dots and find co-optimal solutions for our clients. Whether it is to inform the development of new emission targets policies, challenge current practices, forecast demand and pricing, or optimise production for leading energy companies.  

Energy42 Diagram - showing the interrelation between Hydrogen, Electricity and Natural Gas

Pioneering the energy transition

In 2002, our economic analysis supported the development of the world’s first mandatory broad based emissions trading scheme for the NSW Government, and we participated in the project behind the world’s first “big battery” for the South Australian Energy Plan in 2021.  

Today, we lead the charge in energy transition economics consulting, guiding public policy formulation and private sector strategies towards a low-carbon future. Our work shapes the landscape of energy policy, market regulation, and sustainable practices, aligning economic imperatives with environmental stewardship. 

Supporting current energy market networks

While we continue to support the transition, existing energy market players continue to need economic analysis to anticipate and respond to existing operations inc. regulation, managing competition issues and the existing network production, pricing and strategy needs.  

Energy trading, energy market transactions and contracts, distributed energy resources, embedded networks, microgrids and smartgrids and some of our areas of expertise.  

World-leading energy modelling tools and talent

Our leading energy market models are the bedrock of our consulting arsenal. Designed, built and tested through decades of in-house expertise, technology development, machine learning/AI, and rigorous external validation, our models offer a reliable and robust foundation for our strategic advice across energy regulation, trading, transactions, and contracts.  

Energy42 is our most comprehensive model, which integrates the electricity, gas and hydrogen investments and co-optimises the least cost investment in production, storage and transmission across each sector, simultaneously.  

Find out more about our capabilities at our Data Analytics and Economic Modelling pages.  

Our multidisciplinary approach addresses the intricacies of these interconnected markets, in projects such as:  

Public SectorPrivate Sector
Complex modelling for electricity, hydrogen and gas markets to find pathways to renewable transition. Commercial valuations to calculate the return on investment and cost-benefit analysis on complex energy market M&A transactions.
Emissions trading scheme design, renewable energy targets, feed-in tariffs, energy efficiency schemes, and the impact of energy efficiency policies on energy demand forecasts.Working with investors, embedded network operators and local governments to identify opportunities for embedded networks and microgrids.
Identifying prospects offered by smart meters, batteries and other smart grid technologies.


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