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Competition Economics

From mergers and joint ventures to the very ways firms wield their market strength, competition law supports a level playing field. As competition economics advisors, our experts use economic theory and statistical techniques to analyse the effects on market power of the strategies of businesses.

Competition economics advisory: navigating the landscape of market power

With shifting market dynamics, competition law plays a pivotal role, ensuring firms with significant market power operate within just bounds. It curtails their capacity to merge, initiate joint ventures, or misuse their market dominance. Additionally, it sets guardrails against certain agreements with rivals and consumers.

Technical economics capabilities meet strategic insight

We’re proud that our competition economics team are some of the most well respected and experienced economists in this field and are trusted as independent advisors and expert witnesses. Our counsel isn't just about understanding the law; it's about leveraging it strategically for our clients' benefits. Grounded in robust economic principles and complemented by empirical techniques, we specialise in value quantification, ensuring decisions are informed and impactful.

How can competition economic advisors assist?

At the heart of competition economics consulting lies a commitment to analysing and advising for businesses amidst the myriad complexities of competition policies.  

Whether this is as part of the deal team, in the boardroom or as an expert witness in the courts, our expertise encompasses: 

  • Mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures: Ensuring they align with competition law. 
  • Market power misuse: Identifying and addressing potential overreaches. 
  • Horizontal & Vertical Agreements: Scrutinizing arrangements between businesses and stakeholders for compliance. 
  • Intellectual property: Navigating the nuances of IP within a competitive framework. 
  • Damage estimations & claims: Quantifying and substantiating financial implications. 
  • Economic expertise for legal disputes / litigation support: Providing robust economic grounding in commercial legal issues and litigation. 

Collaborative approach & global competition economics expertise

Our approach is rooted in collaboration. By partnering with clients, legal teams, both state and federal governments, and prominent competition authorities—such as the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the New Zealand Commerce Commission, and the Competition Commission of Singapore—we ensure our advice is comprehensive and globally relevant.

Our expertise in Competition Economics

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