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Contracts help define the relationships between buyers, sellers, collaborators, partners, competitors, governments and regulators. Our use of economics provides insights for understanding when they will and won’t work.

How do you decide on the optimal strategies for allocating scarce capital to extract maximum value for investors? What is the value of an asset, alternative contracting arrangements or a stock option?

Businesses have to make critical commercial decisions and investments under uncertainty about the future.  We combine insights from financial economics and sophisticated analytical techniques to help executives and company boards make sound decisions in the face of such uncertainty.

And it’s not just companies who use our advice. Our team has worked a range of valuation issues with law firms, government agencies and regulators. We’ve provided cost of capital advice to a large number of regulated entities, industry associations, government and regulatory agencies. This work is underpinned by our analytical and statistical skills, and we present results in an accessible way.

Frontier Economics offers:

  • estimation of cost of capital and discount rates
  • asset valuation
  • transaction advisory services, including M&A
  • advice on market entry and exit
  • real options analysis and strategies for decision-making under uncertainty
  • capital allocation and portfolio optimisation
  • financial and simulation analysis
  • development of strategies for effective corporate governance.

Our econometrics, strategy and dispute support work is closely linked to the work we do into substantive corporate finance issues.

How do you value a tree?

We can tell you. Our team has provided valuation advice in relation to assets in areas as diverse as forestry to real estate to restaurants.

Our expertise in Financial & Commercial Advisory

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