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The contemporary public policy and regulatory development landscape is not just about framing rules but about shaping equitable and sustainable futures in a constantly evolving global context. We use economic impact analyses, forecasting, market modelling, and other economic frameworks to inform policy and regulation 

Data-driven economic analysis to drive transparent and adaptable policy making

Policymakers and regulators grapple with society’s most important challenges, from environmental sustainability and economic inequities to technological disruptions and geopolitical tensions. And with the rise of digital communication and an increasingly informed and vocal public, there's heightened scrutiny and demand for transparency in the policy process.  

For more than 20+ years, our economists have helped shape a broad range of public policy and regulation.

Anchored in deep sector experience spanning transport, energy, water, and several other industries, our fiercely independent recommendations are built upon a legacy of knowledge, and data-driven economic acumen. 

Combining the science of economics with the intricacies of public policy

Through meticulous economic impact analyses, forecasting, and advanced market modelling, our economists provide a clear lens to understand the direct, indirect, and unintended consequences of policy proposals and market regulation. 

Our public policy economic consulting offers an independent, data-driven, and strategic perspective including:  

  • Offering analytical frameworks to gauge the impact of policy options. 
  • Providing evaluative tools backed by decades of industry experience to measure policy effectiveness. 
  • Developing strategic recommendations that marry sector-specific insights with foundational economic theories. 

Balancing regulation economics

Our experience allows us to view regulation not as an isolated element but as a part of a larger policy tapestry, considering the broader initiatives and the intended and unintended consequences these might entail. 

It’s not just about understanding the rules. For decades, our industry-leading economists have ensured that legislative and regulatory frameworks are designed not only with theoretical precision but also with a practical approach that aligns with broader economic goals, societal demands, and global competitiveness. 

It’s about deciphering how regulations impact global competitiveness, business strategies, and the broader economy. Our regulation consultants excel at: 

  • Comparative analysis of proposed regulatory and legislative alternatives. 
  • Quantification of impacts on clients, their competitors, market segments, and the broader economic landscape. 
  • Identifying potential responses, ranking them, and suggesting the most viable strategies in the face of proposed policy changes. 

Market modelling expertise

In a world characterized by technological, regulatory, and economic uncertainties, our market modelling capabilities are industry leading. Our Energy42 model is pioneering the data behind the energy transition, and our modelling capabilities in the water and transport sector have informed ground breaking policies. Find out more at our Economic Models page.


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