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Data Analytics

There is more data available than ever before. But the challenge today is in finding the best way to utilise large data sets, using economic principles, modelling and machine learning / AI to find the right answers.

The increasing digitisation of businesses means we now have more data than ever, and more potential to use this data to better understand our businesses, markets and economy.

A specialist economic data analytics team for diverse problem solving

Frontier Economics has developed a range of innovative and powerful economic models and analytical tools to produce meaningful insights for our clients.

Our industry leading team of data analytics specialists routinely maintain and update our suite of models, and our modelling skills. Ensuring we remain agile and flexible in responding to the evolving opportunities that present themselves with the continued development and growth of modern-day data.

The models we have developed for use by our clients include:

  • econometric models, including regression analyses, statistical analyses and industry-leading models for sampling representative customers in energy markets
  • sophisticated, market-leading, energy market models
  • tariff and pricing models
  • commodity price forecasting models, including simulations of prices for different market conditions
  • WACC estimation and corporate finances models
  • cost-benefit models
  • simulation models, including probabilistic financial models.

Our extensive experience in building a large array of models means we also have developed a strong capability in conducting quality assurance assessments for our clients’ economic and financial models.

Industry leading modelling capability

With experience across a range of modelling and coding platforms, we can build customised models to suit your unique problem.

We've also leveraged 20+ years of energy modelling experience to develop the industry's first integrated Electricity, Gas and Hydrogen Investment Model which co-optimises investment and dispatch in production, storage and transmission across each sector, simultaneously.

Learn more at our Economic Models page.

Using data visualisation and analysis to share insights and stories

Our strength is in choosing the appropriate tool for the business or policy issue under investigation. Sometimes the effective use of graphical or other simple data analysis tools will provide the appropriate insights. When things get more complex, we have the capability to apply a wide range of leading edge econometric and statistical tools for analysis and forecasting. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate complex analysis clearly and in terms that are intuitive to non-economists. 

Our expertise in Data Analytics

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