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Whether you are starting your career or are an established economist in your field of expertise, join our team at Frontier Economics across offices in Australia and Singapore.

We hope you’ll find us a little different. 

More than half of our team have been a part of the Frontier Economics family for over a decade (and sometimes much more!). We thrive on new ideas, fresh challenges and different approaches. Our growth and development are driven by our people, and we pride ourselves on being a place to work that fosters independent thought and talent at every level. 

Come and work on the projects that are shaping the nation.  

We offer our clients rigorous answers to some of the most difficult questions in economic consulting. We are a 35-person strong team, with some of the industries most well-regarded economists, and rising stars in our mix.  


Working at Frontier Economics has provided me with opportunities I never would have imagined. I joined as an intern, and then came back as a graduate. With the support of an incredible group of economists, I am now leading projects at the forefront of major decisions in water, liveability, biodiversity and more. My work has also opened other doors, including regularly speaking at Australian and international conferences, mentoring young economists, and co-founding an annual networking event for women in the water industry.

Est. 1999
25+ years’ experience
public and private projects completed
economists across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & Singapore offices
Over 400
economists across the Frontier Economics Network globally

I’ve been at Frontier Economics since 2002 and joined after a 25+ year career at the University of Melbourne, lastly as the Professor of Law and Economics at Melbourne Business School. With a focus on the application of economics to legal disputes, I’ve had the opportunity to advise, or be the expert witness on, many of Australia’s most significant legal cases.

Philip Williams AM

Why join Frontier Economics? 

We take our social impact seriously, supporting our staff and community. Our values motivate us to work in the right way, to do the right things for clients, and encourage debate on the meaningful, society-building, work we do. 

Economic rigour
A collegiate workplace

I’ve interned twice at Frontier Economics. After my first stint working on financial obligations to rehabilitate mines upon closure, I came back again to work with the team on the cost benefit analysis of extending regulations on a regionally significant lake in Victoria. I was able to apply concepts learnt in the classroom in a more practical setting and I enjoyed the supportive culture at the office which made me feel welcome and confident to complete the tasks at hand.

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