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Public Policy Advisory

Independent and unbiased public policy advice, underpinned by economic data and decades of industry experience, ensures governments and the private sector make decisions and manage resources optimally and appropriately, while balancing conflicting objectives.  

Our approach to public policy consulting is grounded in the rigorous application of economic theories and methodologies.  

Since the very beginning of Frontier Economics 25+ years ago, we’ve worked either with public sector agencies to inform policy, or with businesses looking to contribute and adapt to policy changes. Across the most important societal decisions such as the energy transition, transport and infrastructure development, and urban design for sustainable communities.  

We are committed to being fiercely independent and frank, letting the facts from the analysis guide the outcomes we present, for policy development or responses to policy change. It’s why we continue to be trusted by governments and businesses across Asia Pacific.  

Policy underpinned by economic rigor

By delving into the core objectives and issues at hand, we navigate the intricacies of policy design, focusing on the nature of incentives and the broader societal or business benefits.  

Utilising a suite of advanced economic techniques, including cost-benefit analysis, real options analysis, and regulatory impact statements, we address a wide range of policy and strategy issues.  

Our economic modelling and econometric analyses are tailored to identify and resolve specific challenges, offering clear insights into the potential outcomes of various policy and strategy alternatives. Ensuring that our clients receive customised, data-driven advice. 

Our expertise in Public Policy Advisory

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