Economics has the tools

Good policy and strategy advice ensures governments and businesses manage society’s or their own resources optimally and appropriately, while balancing conflicting objectives. This is no simple task, and our guidance on policy development and strategic advice uses economics to cut through what are often difficult issues.

Economics provides the tools to handle these tasks. How? Using economics, we can establish the underlying objectives and issues, set out the nature of incentives emanating from policy design, and measure the overall benefits to society or business of policy and strategy alternatives.

Giving good advice to governments and businesses means turning powerful analysis into straightforward, clear, actionable recommendations. Frontier Economics works to systematically understand the issue and analyse alternatives, recognising the influence and behaviour of customers and competitors, to help our clients make better decisions.

To do this, we use economic theory and techniques such as cost-benefit analysis, real options analysis, regulatory impact statements, economic and econometric analysis to identify and resolve policy and strategy issues.

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