Most firms face regulation of some form, while some industries are subject to explicit economic regulation. Regulated industries include ‘utility’ industries such as energy, water and telecommunications and media as well as the transport, financial services and natural resources (forestry, fisheries) sectors.

It is vital for firms in regulated industries to engage appropriately in the regulatory process to protect their commercial interests. Often this means “walking a mile in the regulator’s shoes” to see things from its perspective. A number of the Frontier Economics staff have previously worked at economic regulatory agencies in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the UK.  Frontier Economics also has a long track record of advising governments, regulators and companies in Australia and around the world.  This experience, combined with our expertise in providing rigorous economic thinking and a creative external perspective, helps our clients make the best possible decisions.

For details on our regulation work, see our energy, telecoms, water and transport pages.

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