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Ben Mason


Ben is an economist who specialises in business cases, cost-benefit analysis and policy development. He has led and managed economic analyses and business cases for a range of major infrastructure projects and in a broad range of sectors including transport, water, energy and environmental sectors.

His expertise includes:

Infrastructure business cases

Ben has extensive experience in leading, authoring and reviewing business cases and cost-benefit analyses for a range of infrastructure projects. Examples include:

Informing regulatory and legislative reform

He also regularly works with State and Federal Governments to prepare regulatory impact statements and legislative impact statements. Ben focuses on grounding this work in a clear economic framework which he has applied to a wide range of topics including:

Applying economics to sustainability

Ben also has an interest in applying economics to sustainability. He is on the Infrastructure Sustainability Council’s Planning Technical Working Group and has also worked on a number of multi-disciplinary TCFD/ISSB projects, including:

  • Independently reviewing economics elements of an Infrastructure Sustainability Rating application for a major road project.
  • Working with a sustainability consultancy to baseline the financial impacts from extreme climate events for major businesses including in the property and transport sectors.
  • Working with a sustainability consultancy to analyse the impact of introducing an internal carbon price on a major international manufacturing business.

We work as one team across the world

In Asia-Pacific, we do this from offices in Australia and Singapore. We work as a single team with expertise and people brought together as required by the problem we are solving for our clients.  Reach out to any of our economists and consultants to find out how we can help you.

Ben Mason


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