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Brett Everett


Brett is a senior economist working across our financial services, water, energy and natural resources practices in Australia. He has extensive experience in economic regulation, financial modelling and undertaking investigations into a wide range of economic policy issues for government.

Economic regulation and financial modelling

Joining Frontier Economics from the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART), Brett’s experience includes price regulation in the water, energy and transport sectors, at both state and federal level. He is experienced with incentive-based regulatory frameworks used in all jurisdictions, including approaches to forecasting operating and capital expenditure (such as ‘base-step-trend’), treatment of inflation, weighted average cost of capital and other key cost inputs.

Brett has provided advice to regulated businesses and regulators on the financial models used to calculate costs, revenues and prices. He has substantial experience constructing and running post-tax revenue and building block models and assessing factors impacting the regulatory value of assets.

Economic policy assessment

Brett uses his government background to provide insight into policy and regulatory processes in a range of sectors. He has experience assessing policies in a variety of industries where economics can be used to inform complex policy issues – for example, houseboats, tow trucks, container deposit schemes and vocational education and training. He advises on the use of cost-benefit analysis and development of regulatory impact statements (RISs).

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Brett Everett


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