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Jo Ryan


Jo is an economist and founding member of Frontier Economics.

She has expertise in economic regulation, commercial advice and public policy advisory across a wide range of industries. These include energy and renewables, climate change and sustainability, urban and rural water, and public policy and government.

Economic regulation

Jo supports regulated businesses developing pricing proposals, and regulators making regulatory decisions, primarily in the energy and water sectors. This includes regulatory strategy advice, regulatory modelling and price submission drafting. Examples include:

  • Developing regulatory strategies and drafting regulatory submissions for energy and water businesses in NSW
  • Preparing analysis for regulated businesses to support their regulatory submissions, including demand forecasts (e.g for Essential Energy) and business cases
  • Preparing technical reports to support decision making by regulators, including advice on energy retail costs and margins, such as the Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission.

Commercial and advisory

She also provides commercial and strategic advice to governments and businesses, including transaction support, reviews of financial sustainability and developing decision making frameworks. The scope of this advice has included:

  • Providing expert advice on regulatory and market arrangements for transactions in the gas and electricity sectors, including preparing regulatory and market due diligence reports
  • Providing strategic advice to governments and commercial entities on service delivery options
  • Undertaking strategic reviews of key activities for businesses, including trading and contracting strategies and carbon decision making frameworks.

Public policy advisory

Her public policy advice to government, includes policy design and evaluation, to ensure policy making is based on robust data and economic analysis. Examples include:

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In Asia-Pacific, we do this from offices in Australia and Singapore. We work as a single team with expertise and people brought together as required by the problem we are solving for our clients.  Reach out to any of our economists and consultants to find out how we can help you.

Jo Ryan


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