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Scott Stacey


With over 20 years of experience, Scott has focused his career on applying economics to regulation, competition, and public policy issues in the utilities and infrastructure sectors, particularly energy markets. Throughout his career, he has provided advice to a diverse clientele, ranging from private corporations to government bodies. This work has covered an array of areas including government policy formulation, competition assessments, regulatory strategy, litigation and arbitrations, as well as due diligence reviews for major transactions. His advisory work extends beyond Australia to include clients in New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Pacific Islands.

With experience in a variety of sectors such as electricity, gas, ports, water, telecommunications, transport, and aviation, Scott has a broad perspective that allows him to consider and compare different approaches across industries. With respect to energy market analysis specifically, Scott had a lead role in the creation of the current rules for the economic regulation of electricity networks. He has also advised on energy transition issues, wholesale and retail market competition, electricity contract markets, retail pricing and demand response.

Prior to his current role, Scott’s consulting experienced included co-founding Incenta Economic Consulting and as a consultant at PwC Australia. Earlier work experience includes roles at the Australian Energy Market Commission and the Essential Services Commission of Victoria. This extensive background equips him with a unique blend of practical and theoretical insights.

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Scott Stacey


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