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Warwick Davis


Warwick joined Frontier Economics in 2006, and has more than 25 years of experience advising firms on economic and financial issues. Warwick’s particular expertise lies in the areas of regulated pricing, economic modelling, and market analysis, and he has applied this expertise in many network industries including telecommunications, digital platforms, ports and airports, taxis, and roads.

Warwick’s clients have included policy makers, regulators, and industry participants, who value his ability to provide credible and independent economic analysis, and to manage complex projects under tight timelines. As well as economic consulting, he has experience working for telecommunications and competition regulators in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Warwick has a M.Com (Econ) from the University of Melbourne and has published a number of articles on contemporary economic issues in telecommunications, including structural separation and access pricing, and has also written extensively on taxi reform.

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Warwick Davis


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