Australia’s energy sector is critical to the welfare of the nation. But this complex sector faces a number of challenges.

Concerns over security and reliability of our electricity and gas markets; the difficulty of transitioning to a low carbon future; prices that have become volatile and difficult to predict, driven by non-market forces; and uncertainty about energy policy, regulatory approaches and future market design. These challenges require, more than ever, the best quality energy market advice, grounded in a deep understanding of the sector and the economics.

Frontier Economics has an unparalleled reputation for providing respected advice in the electricity and gas sectors over the past 20 years, in Australia and throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

We have been at the forefront of critical debates in the sector. Our contributions include designing, implementing and improving energy markets. We have implemented some of the most important energy reforms on behalf of various Governments and led and influenced debates on network and retail regulation. Our economists have provided expert testimony in high-stakes legal disputes and we have advised on most of the largest energy sector transactions.

Our suite of dependable electricity market models and analytical tools, carefully designed, built and tested in-house over 20 years and subjected to rigorous external review, along with our in-depth knowledge of energy markets, gives us a strong advantage in providing real world advice to our clients.

Areas of expertise

Frontier Economics’ energy clients value our clear, independent advice based on a strong understanding of the economics, knowledge of the market and its participants and many years of practical experience.

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