An analysis of supply diversity in the National Electricity Market

As we transition to a ‘cleaner’ portfolio of generation, the supply diversity of renewables comes under question in relation to the intermittency of supply. We explain that the positive correlation in wind and solar generation in the National Electricity Market means that these forms of generation do not offer adequate supply diversity to provide the reliable electricity supply that consumers need.

Society demands power at the flick of a switch

As a society we demand power at the flick of every switch. We expect this power to be reliable, affordable and increasingly, sustainable. The increasing penetration of renewables into the energy market has resulted in further delivering the ‘clean’ aspect of society’s demands but has led to changing the fundamentals of the energy market. The intermittency of supply is raised as the reason we cannot switch to 100% renewable electricity generation. We continue to need a portfolio of generation types in order to meet society’s demands for energy. This bulletin explains why.

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