Victorian Taxi Inquiry publishes draft recommendations

The Victorian Taxi Industry Inquiry today published its draft recommendations on the reform of the Victorian taxi and hire car industry.

Headed by Professor Allan Fels AO, the Inquiry has investigated all aspects of the taxi and hire car industry and recommended a set of reforms that aim to achieve better outcomes for the travelling public. The recommendations include replacing restrictive entry controls with a price-based rationing system, improving driver remuneration, increasing competition for taxi network services, reducing surcharges for electronic payment of taxi fares, and improving the efficiency of taxi fare structures.

The Inquiry will now consult with stakeholders and submit a final report to the Victorian Government in the next few months.

Frontier (Australia) worked closely with the Inquiry to provide the economic evidence and analysis on which the findings are based.

For more information, please contact Marita O’Keeffe at or call on +61 (0)3 9620 4488.

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