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  1. New Zealand Commerce Commission releases draft decisions on review of regulatory framework

    The New Zealand Commerce Commission has released draft decisions on its review of its Input Methodologies.

  2. Frontier Economics supports International Clinical Trials Day

    Frontier (Australia) alumni and former director, David Briggs, has taken part in four clinical trials and discusses this in an interview and video that promotes the importance of these trials and encourages those who can to participate in them.

  3. PanAust completes feasibility study for the PanAust copper and gold project

    PanAust today announced it had completed the feasibility study on the Frieda River copper and gold project in Papua New Guinea.

  4. EMA review of vesting contract regime opens for consultation from industry

    The Energy Market Authority (EMA) has released a review of the mechanisms used to mitigate market power in the Singapore Wholesale Electricity Market (SWEM).

  5. Essential Services Commission (Victoria) releases draft report on taxi fares

    The Essential Services Commission today released its draft report on the regulation of maximum taxi fares in Victoria.

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