Recent Work

Frontier Economics is a group of super switched on individuals that are very good to work with.

Adrian Christian, CEO Secretariat, Electricity Industry Expert Panel

Frontier are the rare breed of advisor - practical, responsive, inventive, yet straight to the point.

Matt Healy, National Executive, Regulatory & Government, Macquarie Telecom

Frontier Economics, and Philip Williams in particular, are in the select group of the very best expert economists in Australia, both as independent experts working under the Federal Court Rules and for behind-the-scenes strategic assistance. They are accessible and responsive, have a broad experience of many industries and transactions, and, most importantly, understand the Australian legal context in which their evidence and reports are to be used.

Michael Gray and Paul Hughes, Herbert Smith Freehills

Frontier are approachable, pragmatic and explain things very well.

Graeme Finlayson, General Counsel, Company Secretary, Energy Regulation, Risk & Assurance, Ergon Energy

I can rely on the quality of Frontier's work and know that it will stand up to scrutiny.

Eli Grace-Webb, Manager Regulatory Analysis & Strategy, Jemena

We have engaged Frontier Economics on several occasions to provide analysis of the economic issues in major competitive disputes. Their reports have been insightful, considered and sufficiently robust to withstand the detailed scrutiny of regulators and the counter arguments from opposing economists.

Tony Dooley, Partner, Thomson Geer